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General Scrip Website

Lakeshore Families we are so excited to bring you a new super simple online platform for Scrip! 

Buy gift cards from your favorite brands to use for your daily purchases and support not only the PTO, but earn money back to use as you like!  The Scrip you purchase through our program generates rebates from the participating retailers. Scrip credits are based on an 80/20 calculation of the total rebate offered by each vendor. For example, if a vendor offers a rebate of 10% and $100 is purchased from that vendor, you will receive $8.00 and the PTO will receive $2.00. Your portion of the rebate can be used as a credit for educational expenses, cash back to you, and/or a gift to the PTO.

You can browse bonuses, search for a specific brand, shop categories, and more all ONLINE! When you're ready to check out you can sign up for secure online payments. You can choose to link a bank account, add a credit card, or both. The brand gives back to our PTO the moment you buy a gift card at NO EXTRA COST to you!

Electronic Gift Cards are delivered to the app (see below) within minutes--view them in your wallet. Physical gift cards are mailed to your coordinator. Many are reloadable so you can keep earning with the ones you have. Use both types in-store and online.

STEP 1: To register for our ONLINE scrip platform click the Scrip Website link HERE and enter the Lakeshore Elementary School Code: 9LE6998B83457 OR download the App first. You can search: RaiseRight Fundraising in your app store. See the Scrip App HERE .

STEP 2: Download the app HERE to use your electronic gift cards! You can get the app by searching "RaiseRight Fundraising" in your appropriate app store on your device!

If you have any questionsemail --Thank you!! 


Scrip Order Form 9-2022.pdf
Lakeshore Enrollment Code.pdf